Why Do Cats Bite When Happy

If you have cats and you are puzzled by their behavior, especially when they bite, give a nip or lick you then you are advised to read this article carefully. This is very common behavior among all the cats and this is a sign of affection not the sign of aggression at all. They actually do this to show that they love you and it is their way of giving kisses.

Why Do Cats Bite When Happy

Why Do Cats Bite When Happy

Sometimes the kiss of cats may seem more like a bite and the sharp pinch might hurt you. You are advised not to be angry at your cats because you can confuse the poor puss. If your cats give a firm love bite then you are advised to say No! And by the passage of time your cats will surely understand. They will understand that it’s ok to show affection and not to cause you pain.

Cats generally don’t do this to hurt you; they try to kiss you as they would normally kiss other cats. Cats have thick fur and their nerve endings of the skin are not close to the surface of skin like humans, so they try to nip harder to express their love. For all the cats, such affection is acceptable but as a human and pet owner this is not a pleasant experience of being bitten.

However you can train your cats not to bite, it will take some time and your patience and persistence will be required to do this. By the passage of time you will surely able to control this habit of your cats completely.

Why does cats bite when happy

Most of the cats enjoy affection and you are advised not to caress them too much because this will make them overexcited. The over excited cats can exhibit different tell tale signs such as, purring, chirping, rubbing against you and the stiff tail can quiver. Over exited cats usually cannot control their emotions so you should be prepared if your cats want to kiss you.

Whenever you approach to your cats, make sure you look at their tail first because the tail is like their mood detector. In case if their tails are quivering with excitement, you should avoid contact because you might end up with a love bite for sure.

You should approach to your cats when they are in a good mood, their tail will look calm and the tip will gently move in such mood. Whereas, if their tail is flicking from side to side, you are advised to stay away from them and try to avoid contact with them because this shows they are unhappy. So you should wait until they return in a better mood.

You must live in harmony with your cats and it is advised you to be aware of their mood swings. If they do bite or lick you, remember it is their way of saying I love you.

In conclusion, above mentioned is the detail about why do cats bite when happy.


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